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The Power 
of Inner Voice

Impact coaching for high school students who truly believe in change through self-realization. 



Coaching Designed by and for

High School Students


Find your inner self and hear the true voice, which is always in conflict with the outer world.

Hard Miles

Put those hard miles to bring the profound change that you have always longed for. 


Feel the transformed energy in you. Go and win your world with the inner calm. 


Freedom from fear

Free yourself from the overwhelming psychological fears.

building attention

Practical tips and tools to improve attention and gain productivity.

Power of listening

Enhance your ability to listen effectively to the verbal and the non verbal.

breaking habits

Take a shot at that one habit you always wanted to break away from.

art of negotation

One of the most ignored life hacks, learn how to be a master negotiator.


Get on the path of change

  • ​An hour of immersive and interactive discussion. 

  • In-person coaching in Houston, Tx and virtual across the world


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Gurinder Singh

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Nature has an order. Some spend a lifetime exploring it and others exploiting it. That is the difference between realizing and ritualizing spirituality. I am neither a monk nor an enlightened being or a spiritual guru. I am a normal person, managing my investment banking business and two lovely kids. Like all of us, I have my set of responsibilities to be fulfilled every day. Over the years I have learned how to remain fiercely competitive but with complete inner peace. That is what I want to pass on to you through myndtra. I am a perpetual learner who would love to understand your journey and play a silent but vital role in bringing that profound inner change you have always longed for. 



Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Tel: +1 (877) 221 1119

2700 Post Oak Blvd Galleria, Office Tower I, Houston, TX 77056 

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